Why You Must Experience Valuation At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Homework and make sure that you have comparable sales prepared for the value up so what you do is you ring up top real estate agencies and you say this look I want Roget an appraisal on my investment property in memorabilia I’m not thinking of selling but if the bright price other right buyer comes along you know it could be an option but I just want Roget it valued the remember agents love valuing your properties and what you really want is you want them to give yous valuation letter.

so what that what happens is this is how agents generally work in the market okay agents really hate when I talk about this they do what’s called high ball low ball and then they do the crunch okay so what happens is you viewing up five agents so look up with this house in memorabilia Think it’s worth you know tell me what it’s worth they’ll come around they will inspect.


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