Thoughts You Have As Property Valuation Approaches

You know be prepared to take action and you know a lot of the prices are we offering were you know quite look you do want to not quite install the vendor in the real estate agent but you know let them know that you’re you know you’re searching for yield and you’re an investor and they understand that they understand that they might not love it but the advantage for them is that you’re looking for a quick transaction you’re not here to do the passionate love sale on all the open homes if the numbers stack up you’re going.

To buy so you know there’s an upside and downside to that they understand it and you know that’s just the way the transaction works so don’t be afraid to do a lot of phone calls do a lot of you know visiting open homes and make a lot of offers until you can get yourself a deal now if you’re not so confident in speaking to people you know doing the negotiating everything like that and you could actually consider using a buyer’s agent or one of these property research services we sign up and they send you list of properties.

To look at so I donor actually use one of these in the past but I do see value in what’s being offered by some of them now I’m not affiliated with any of them so i can’t recommend any specifically but just do a lot of research before you do sign up tune of those services they’re not always the cheapest and you know I can’t guarantee that what they’re going to be recommending is any good either but you know do a lot of research see the examples of what they’ve sold recently and you know basically if you’re really confident from there and see that what they’re generally recommending is to your liking then you know they might be worth proceeding without just do a lot of research on it before then so in the end next episode I’m going to cover negotiation and a lot more detail we’re.

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